Friday, 22 December 2017

Pots series 13 - brush of oxide

For this series of small pots, I used a simple design: white background, brushed with pure oxides. I used cobalt for a solid blue and black iron for a rusty effect. I used a wide, synthetic rigid brush and applied a tiny amount of oxide on. For comparaison, I previously brushed a shiny black glaze on the same white glaze;  the colour is much more intense and deep using the pure oxide.
I also tried out an underglaze pencil (followed by a coat of transparent glaze).

Front, left: black iron / Back, left: cobalt / right: shiny black glaze

Underglaze black pencil

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Pots - series 12

My three last pots are a bit bigger than what I'm confortable with, and their shapes are not so refined.
I carved many gouges in one of them, and glazed it with light colours (blue slip, then 2 x transparent glaze with rutile). It is quite light weighted considering its size.
For the darker and heavier ones, 2 x T-Red inside and at the bottom half, 2 x Owen Blue on the top two thirds.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

A week in Singapore

On our way back from Australia, we stayed a week in Singapore. We enjoyed the overlay of gardens and luxurious vegetation contrasting with the modern building towers, with ancient heavily decorated temples, and with new iconic architecture. A very successful mix!

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Pots - series 11

A couple of small pots
(Shiny white x1 followed by a brush of shiny black)

I like the soft curves of this one
(2x Tenmoku, heavy trail of Owen blue)

And its pendant, with a straighter shape
(2x Tenmoku and a neater trail of Owen blue)

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Pots - series 10 - big plates

This month I also did wide plates. It was difficult to glaze them, because they did not the buckets of glaze... I used two of them with one of my new favorite (because safely predictable) combination of grey and spotted green glazes. I experimented with four (and lost one in the process) by creating a marbling effect with black and white slip (liquid clay), and green and black slip. Interesting effect, but too much out of control for my taste! Lastly, I used two for spirals of Owen blue.

My plates, freshly thrown, and with different curves.

After glazing.

(2 x grey transparent, 2 x spotted green)

(black + white slip, 2x transparent inside, 2x shiny black outside - that is actually green)

(black + white slip, 2x transparent inside, 2x shiny black outside, iron oxide on the rim)

(black + green slip, 2x transparent inside, 2x shiny black outside)

(2x Tenmoku, trail of Owen blue)

(1x Tenmoku, splashes of Owen blue)