Sunday, 10 September 2017

Pots - series 8

I've got really exciting pots this weekend: my tallest ever (still below 20cm high), and finally getting the hang on the Owen blue glaze !

Glossy grey x2, misty green x2, at an angle

A drizzle of Owen blue on top of 2x Tenmoku
I love the details of the Owen blue glaze dripping,
and reacting with the Tenmoku underneath

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Pots - series 7

For my seventh series, my three pots have a combination of pink and green/blue. It also features my first 'closed' vase (it has a tiny hole at the bottom so that it doesn't explode in the kiln). I love their soft curves !

Pink x 2
Sea mist x 1
Sea mist x 2

Pots - series 6

For my sixth series, I inlayed black slip clay at the turning stage. Carving, then filing the holes with black slip and finally scraping most of the excess. I love the angles of the top one.

Orange x 2
Transparent x 1

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Pots - series 5

For my fifth series of pots, I tried out a new shape: the jewellery box. Mine have the size of an egg, so maybe more of a ring box. It was very time-consuming to throw and I'm not keen on doing those again! We started with a cylinder, then closed it up to make like an egg, empty inside. At the leather-hard stage, we sliced it open and painstakingly try to make a lip for the lid to fit perfectly onto the base. Then glazing and firing as one unit so that they evolve the same way to maximise the fit. They came out of the kiln stuck, and gentle banging with a stone on the sides (protected by a fabric) easily separated them again.
Two egg boxes (two more to follow)
in: 3 x Late Owen blue
out: 3 x Misty blue

My usual "series of three"
3x glossy white
3-4x Late Owen blue

lid & inside: 3x Late Owen blue
outside: 2-3 new blue-black, then transparent