Monday, 11 November 2013

Neat vs Bubbly

I made two pages this weekend, quite a contrast I have to admit...

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Mijn reis naar het koninkrijk van Nederland

Indeed, my first realization was that they talk a language that I am not familiar with! 
Here are pictures I took to illustrate my journey, starting with Rotterdam:

Erasmus Bridge (a suspension bridge with a single pillar) features a landmark in the city

Buildings have a design that makes an impression
Overall a city where (modern) architecture is honored

The Cube Houses

The Pencil Tower

Churches that are not so attended for religion purposes anymore
are re-purposed - this one for clubbing at night (see rails of spots)

Bikes are everywhere, as pedestrian you have to be on your guards!
Lots of canals and bridges
 Then lots of windmills (you can directly skip to Amsterdam)

We went to Kinderdijk which hosts 19 windmills built around 1741 to keep the polder dry (allowing farming and housing development in the area). 

Then, Amsterdam!
Big change in atmosphere: that is a warm (not speaking about the weather) and friendly city (not referring to the women in the shops), with some sort of soul (I mean alive, with people).

Tall & skinny houses with larges windows - a representative sample of the canal houses
(prices were only based on width)

Cyclists do not wear helmets and this kind of bike is famous
("Dutch Granny Bike")

I love these houses with huge windows

Gables with hooks (explanation below)

Hooks are there to enable residents to pull large, bulky objects up and into a window at the proper floor.  Most homes in Amsterdam have narrow, steep, often winding staircases that make it difficult to bring large, bulky objects upstairs.  Many windows can be taken out of the wall completely for the same reason. For the same reason, lots of old canal houses are leaning forwards. They were mainly built like that so that the gable was further out into the street to make it easier to haul everything in via the hook and window. 

A significant number of canal houses are cockeyed / crooked as they are built on soft ground

The famous flower market

And to finish, orange tulips!