Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Back on Paint

With the cold already here, it is a good time for me to spend some time at home and progress on my Moleskine. To warm up into it (as it has been a while), I shamelessly copied Teesha Moore's style.

She often uses big heads on small bodies, ridiculously huge eyes and extravagant headgear 

Quote from The Wheel of Time, my book of the year!
(The lady on the right is coming straight from her art journal)

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Dinner @ The Fat Duck

Going to The Fat Duck is an amazing culinary experience, a show. I am really glad I was invited for a special occasion :-) I was surprised by the intensity and the power of the flavors (like if they were condensed or distilled in a tiny portion). Needless to say everything was perfect, they obviously care for details. We learnt that for 40 guests, they have 40 people working (kitchen + service) (plus people doing research during the day)! 

We had more than 14 courses including;

A Vodka & lime cocktail poached in liquid nitrogen at the table served without face shield nor specialised gloves (!!!!!): Interesting texture but very cold
Red cabbage gaspacho with mustard ice cream
Multilayers of quail's jelly, crayfish cream, a chicken liver parfait accompanied by an excellent truffle toast: Intense flavors balancing each other when combined
Snail porridge: I could not handle this one...
Roasted foie gras: Haaa, I was delighted!

Mad hatter's tea party with 'mock turtle soup' made of a golden pocket watch infused broth and Toast Sandwich
"Sound of the sea": A dish from the sea that you eat listening to the sea (but too fishy for me)
Salmon poached in a liquorice gel
Anjou pigeon: Excellent!

Hot & iced Tea: A surprising drink half-cold half-hot at every sip!
Caramelised Blackberries with a wonderful biscuit
Botrytis Cinerea: An amazing composition of numerous round elements looking like a grape
Whisky wine gums from all over Scotland
Like a kid in a sweet shop including a queen of hearts tart: Delicious!

Multilayers of crayfish, chicken liver parfait, quail jelly and truffle toast 
(note the cute little radishes)

The table was set according to this plate

Roasted Foie Gras

Tea Party with mock turtle soup
(note the tiny mushrooms on to of the egg yolk)

Sound of the sea...

... with the sound

Salmon in a licorice gel

Blackberries etc

Botrytis cinerea

Each grape has its own texture, temperature and taste

Tiny Tart in the Queen of Hearts