Saturday, 16 July 2016

Our trip to Norway - part 3/3

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Trollstigen - an impressive bendy road on a really steep cliff

At the bottom - the road blends in the cliff

Atlantic Road - a road that follows the West coast,
with many bridges and tunnels making a way across small islands (or just rocks)

The Lofoten islands - the last part of our trip
The Lofoten islands are home to a huge cod fishery
Cods are dried in open air for 3 months
Whatever my mom says, the smell is horrible
(fish are fermented, not just dried)

Fishermen built their cabins on top of small rocks in quiet fjords

These red cabins have a spectacular outlook

Reine - a very pretty village overlooked by mountains

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Our trip to Norway - part 2/3

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This second part of our trip is all about fjords!

Pretty view from Odda harbor over its fjord - Sørfjorden

Sørfjorden is a 38km branch of the Hardangerfjord

Bergen - Hanseatic houses on the harbor

Tvindefossen waterfall on our way to Flåm

Flåmsdalen valley - a village between Flåm and Myrdal

Cruise on the Nærøyfjord from Gudvanger

Villages are framed by the fjord and the overlooking mountains

Lustrafjorden and its beautiful azur waters

Jotunheimen mountains and a couple of very isolated houses!

Our arrival over Geiranger and its fjord - pretty view!

Geiranger fjord - The seven sisters waterfall

On the beautiful Geiranger fjord
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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Our trip to Norway - part 1/3

We are back from our really nice trip to Norway, following my parents' well planned program. Here is an illustrated summary of it (first part)!

Oslo Opera House - very modern and all in angles!

Oslo - Vigeland Park - very touching sculptures of family moments

Oslo Viking Ship museum
Impressive (and elegant) burial ships and viking treasures

Oslo - museum of popular architecture and life:
House with interlocking notched logs

Oslo - in the museum of popular architecture and life:Stave churches are built only in wood, including roof tiles

Heddal - Stave Church and its spectacular roof

Heddal - Stave Church from the XIIIe century

Driving along the fjords in the Telemark

Small village in the Telemark
Waterfalls are plentiful 

Old district of Stavanger, where we learn about
the way Norway went from being a 'Fish country' to an 'oil country'

Lysefjord and its splendid azur waters

The rewarding view of the Preikestolen hike

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