Saturday, 12 July 2014

Gelli Plate - testing and adopting!

I recently tried the Gelli plate and could not stop using it! This plate is made of a gel on which you can do mono-prints that can be transferred onto another support. Technically, you put paint on the plate and with the use of masks, stamps or other random tools you remove / hide part of the paint. You then print this pattern onto a support (paper for example) and can start again, adding layers on the same sheet to build a complex picture. 

That's an example with at least 5 layers

Somehow, our favourites prints are often the ones made with paint leftover on the plate. I like their ghosty soft aspect.
In this one I used acidic-green to recover all the leftovers (red, blue, tree...)

We made those aiming to prepare some backgrounds for our Moleskine books (mine here and hers there), however I am finding them so complex already that I cannot make up my mind around cutting them or adding stuff onto it! 
Below are more scans:
My sister made this one

this one is actually only two layers: an acidic green with on top
an oceanic blue (pattern made with water) 

This one is made of ghosts (leftovers) from other pages,
which gives it this nicely soft aspect