Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Four days in Jordan

Even with this small amount of time, we managed to:
- Experience diving in the Red Sea
- Visit the impressive Petra
- Have fun floating on the Dead Sea

Here are some pictures:

Our lovely hotel: Bedouin Garden Village

I enjoyed the relaxing and colourful atmosphere
The beach in front of the hotel, from which we dived and admired reefs and tropical fish
Petra's outskirt - the Obelisk tomb combining Egyptian and Greco-Roman influences

The Siq - Narrow gorge formed from a deep split
 in the sandstone rocks

That's the way!

The first glimpse of the Treasury

The Treasury - called so because the Bedouins believed the urn sculpted at the top contained great treasures; 
its original purpose is still unclear

The sandstone has stunning natural colours and patterns 

Rock-cut chambers (excavating solid rock)

With a view over the facing mountain 

Palace Tomb with its four rooms (for burial)

View over the Great Temple and valley

The Street of Facades (burial rooms)

First of 800 steps leading to the Monastery

View over the neighbouring cliffs on our way up

The Monastery - 50 meters high (see the people by the doorway for size reference)

View over the canyon, looking South

View over the canyon, looking West

The Great Temple was one of the largest buildings (not dug from the mountain)

Approaching the Dead Sea

Our modern interpretation of the famous picture with a magazine (Kindle)

Salt crystallization on the shore

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Dublin's attractions

This spring we went to Dublin and enjoyed the live music in the pubs. It feels like the whole city is constantly celebrating. Because we did not spend all our time in a pub, we also visited Trinity College library, the Guinness brewery and Old James Jameson distillery. These visits were a great opportunity for me to take photos with interesting colors.

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