Sunday, 5 May 2013

Carnitas - repost in English

I republish today as lots of colleagues ask me this recipe in English. 

My sister made me this dish; I was suspicious hearing the details (pork slow-cooked in a sweet broth) but it is actually excellent !

1/ You start giving colors to big chunks of fatty pork (as cooking time is long, you need to bring softness) at high temperature.

2/ In the mean time, make a broth from some 'savory' tea (I mean not Earl Grey but rather winter tea with warm spices, but not too strong either), lots of salt, black pepper, honey, citrus juice & zests and finally grape juice up to cover the meat in some kind of cast iron pot.

3/ Cook at least 2 hours in the oven without lid at 160°C-180°C. 

4/ Put back on the hob for one hour, during which you separate the fibers of the meat with forks : the meat is going to absorb the broth and the whole thing will get a bit fluffy.

I recently made a variation and it was quite good too ! I used as a broth some apple cider and a couple of apples chunks + one onion. I did not brown the meat on the fire as I noticed it gets colors in the oven anyway. So I directly put the uncooked meat + cider in the oven at 160°C for 3 hours (rotating the meat every hour to color every piece). As usual, I separated the fibers on the hob for one hour so that the liquid evaporates.

For amateurs, check the turkey recipe in this previous post and beef with basalmic vinegar in this one.

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