Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Gnocchi with Ludovica

Since I am now living with Ludovica and we both enjoy cooking, we sometimes make recipes together. This week we did with gnocchi. Only two ingredients are needed : super fine pasta flour grade 00 and floury potatoes. Proportions looks simple : 100g of flour for 500g potatoes. Actually, it is more a guideline and exact quantity of flour has to be adapted to obtain the consistency.

First step is to cook potatoes, boiling with the skin so that they keep their flavor.
They should be slightly undercooked.

Mash the potatoes thinly (we passed them through a grating device) so that you do not have any lumps.
Mix the mashed potatoes with the flour 00. As you want your gnocchi to be soft and moist, you should try to use the least flour possible, meaning that the dough will be sticky. So best is not to overwork it.
Roll the dough in long sausages thick like a thumb. Like earlier, try not to add too much flour so that you keep the softness & moistness.

Cut them the size you like your gnocchi and shape them with a fork so that they can trap the sauce. Ideally you want stripes and gauge to attract a maximum of sauce.
That is the step we clearly need to improve...
Put them in boiling salted water.
The gnocchi once cooked will start floating. The bigger they are the slower it goes. 
Pick up the gnocchi that are floating and serve immediately.

Serve with tomato sauce (tomatoes, a clove of garlic, a bay leaf, a spoon of sugar gently cooked while you make the gnocchi for example) and fresh grated parmesan. Eat right after you cook them.
Totally worth the effort, which is actually not big. Really soft & moist, nothing to do with the ones you can buy already made in a standard supermarket.

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