Thursday, 2 January 2014

Planetoid necklace

We first started by a stack of assorted colours using both soft & dry clay.

Passing it through a clay gun the strings have a nice shading (the dry clay makes the cracks). 

The rods are rolled up on themself to make a spiral.

And flattened. Check out the nice cracks!
These patterns are then mounted on a bead. That is the tricky part as we need to hide the ends and make it smooth.
Already the first batch!
Then it is cooking time at 110°C during 30 minutes on a layer of cardboard so that they do not stick together.
Once cooked, one has to sand and polish them (microfiber fabric is great for that).
To mount/assemble them one needs lots of material... and inspiration!
And there it is, agremented with the addition of wooden beads among other Fimo beads.

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  1. Parfait !
    moi j'attends de le voir porté...