Monday, 9 June 2014

Maldon Mud Race with the Fuddy Muckers

On the 25th of May was the Maldon Mud Race. This is a fun race organised for charities in which most of the participants (usually in teams) wear fancy dresses and have to progress through 500 meters of thick mud over the bed of a river at low tide (this is close to an estuary). They start from one bank and make their way through water to the other side, negotiate 200 metres of mud along the river and then return to the original riverbank.

The Fuddy Muckers - still fresh and shiny

Taping the shoes so as not to lose them in the mud
 Other teams:

Limbering up before the start

Everyone make their way through the calf-high mud by the riverbank for the start

A panorama of the whole course

The first slope is discriminating

Some are posing for the glory!

A common situation : on all fours!

The race to the finish!

Finishing is a relief...

Finishing as a team!

Congratulations to them!!

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