Sunday, 6 September 2015

Weekend at Florence

Back from a few days in Florence, here are a selection of the pictures we took. 

It was quite hot, actually too much for me.

We found the main cathedral is imposing and has a stunning pattern all around.

The famous Ponte Vecchio bridge and its jewelry shops hanging out over the river.

The famous Michelangelo's David is a common sight over the city.

Inside the rustic-looking Palazzo Vecchio, we were surprised to discover a multitude of finely decorated rooms. 
I was especially amazed by the ceilings.

The panorama from the Duomo is worth the climb in narrow staircases built between
the outside walls and the inside wall of the cupola.
View of the cupola dominating the city, from the top of the bell tower.

Ice-cream was our daily treat.

I discovered that pasta in Italy are often really thick - I loved it!

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