Saturday, 9 July 2016

Our trip to Norway - part 2/3

Click here for the first part. 
This second part of our trip is all about fjords!

Pretty view from Odda harbor over its fjord - Sørfjorden

Sørfjorden is a 38km branch of the Hardangerfjord

Bergen - Hanseatic houses on the harbor

Tvindefossen waterfall on our way to Flåm

Flåmsdalen valley - a village between Flåm and Myrdal

Cruise on the Nærøyfjord from Gudvanger

Villages are framed by the fjord and the overlooking mountains

Lustrafjorden and its beautiful azur waters

Jotunheimen mountains and a couple of very isolated houses!

Our arrival over Geiranger and its fjord - pretty view!

Geiranger fjord - The seven sisters waterfall

On the beautiful Geiranger fjord
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