Thursday, 11 July 2013


A while ago I made some pancakes and even if they were not as thick as I wished, they were really nice. Looking for a recipe I was submerged by american ones and their total absence of metric units... which seriously gets on my nerves. So by the time I finally found one and bake them, I engulf most of those as a reward ! 

The recipe:
100g flour + raising agents
1 egg
150mL milk (originally ''buttermilk'' but I used half-skimmed one)
1 tablespoon cane sugar
1 tablespoon oil
flavoring (vanilla for me)
Pour all the solid ingredients in a bowl, add the egg and mix then same with the milk - gradually.
Cook in a hot pan until the bubbles forms on the surface. Then flip them over for a short time and reserve in a stack. Spray a small amount of butter while making the pile and serve with maple or golden syrup or honey.


  1. But cups, spoons, oz, lb, etc... are awesome. It just feels like being back in the XIV th century!
    The problem is going to the market on your horse to get all the ingredients :)


    1. Exactly!! That is exactly what it feels like!
      And your link is brilliant, everything is there (I did not expect less from you as you lived there) - thanks ;-)