Thursday, 26 October 2017

Pots series 9 - A teapot!

This month Freya challenged me with a teapot! The four parts (main body,  spout, handle and lid) were stitched together at the leather hard stage. It is pouring like a bubbly unpredictable fountain (by which I mean it's not a great pour). I glazed it in transparent, applying splashes of manganese with a toothbrush.

Freshly stitched together,
spare handles in the back.

A generous spout

I pierced a hole for the spout in the main body
with some sort of apple corer

This first teapot is for my mum!

The lid is fired in place on the main body so that they expand
or contract together; I had to hit them with a big stone
to separate them after the kiln firing.

The matching mug (2x transparent glaze)

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