Sunday, 18 February 2018

Pots series 15 - Double Blob (hourglass)

I've been trying out a new shape: the double blob. I've made the constriction in the middle before pushing out the round parts. I also experimented a bit with the glazing: rainbow for a set and reactive black and white for another.

Before firing: underglazes applied with a brush,
overlapping at the intersections to make a gradient of colours,
then a coat of transparent

After firing, the colours are even sharper

Inside: 1x shiny white, then 1x matt black
Outside: 1x Lucie Rie white, then 1x matt black

I love how the glazes reacted together,
it's quite soft and unpredictable


  1. J'adore les blobs arc-en-ciel ! Ce sont des vases-licorne, te dirait Maya

    1. Et voilà un prochain cadeau de Noël de fait :-)