Monday, 19 February 2018

Pots series 16 - Stitching and Slipping

I've reached new heights (29cm!) by stitching two cylinders on top of each other. We can still notice the junction as it's a bit narrower there. I've also enjoyed spending time applying and decorating with slip. Patterns are inspired from Carolyn Genders' work. Like glazes, slips contain oxides and they drastically change colour when firing so we need to use imagination at this stage! The four slips (two coats each) I used were: 
- black (brown in the picture), 
- galaxy blue (white in the picture), 
- grey (light blue in the picture) 
- bright green (light grey in the picture).

After I applied the slip, I used a wooden carving tool to scratch the surface so that the white clay (dark grey in the picture) is revealed (sgraffito).

You can see below the pictures before (on the left) and after firing (on the right).

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