Monday, 23 September 2013

Battersea Power Station

Last weekend was open house in London and I was delighted by this opportunity to visit the inside of Battersea Power Station. This is a decommissioned coal-fired power station which became an iconic building in London. It is actually made of two identical power station (in brick and with two chimneys each). It could cover one fifth London needs in electricity (so over 500MW or half a nuclear power plant). Coal was delivered via boats, unloaded by cranes and brought to the boiler rooms. Water is heated to create steam, which turn the steam turbines. Hot water was then reused, providing hot water and central heating to people in the area. 
Numerous failed redevelopment plans have succeeded, including a theme park which led to the removal of the roof. 

What the inside the main building looks like
(roof was removed for a theme park redevelopment project)

Its nice doric chimneys dominate the place
(around 100 meters high)

Cranes to unload the coal from ships

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