Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wandsworth Power Station

As I gave up the hope of visiting the famous Battersea Power Station when I discovered the 40,000 people queuing, I comforted myself going to the Wandsworth one, where I was alone. This coal-fired power station has a similar brick design as Battersea, however it is 30 years older. Interestingly, it was initially built to provide power (electricity) to the underground (Metropolitan District Railway then) which was using steam locomotive at that time. Amazingly, it remained in function and supplied the underground until 2002!

No crowd but still an amazing cathedral-like design
(and traces of successive improvement / refurbishment
as it was adapted for fuel then oil fired-powered)

Street facade - in perfect condition 

River side, where coal was unloaded from ships

My favorite, patchwork-like facade

If you are lucky enough to enter, here is what you could see:

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