Monday, 30 September 2013

Step-by-step page in my Moleskine

I started with a patchwork collage of nice papers. As these were thick sheets to make cards, I minutely peeled them to thin them out. I realised that it would have been nicer to tear the pieces of paper instead of cutting them straight.
I enhanced patterns or add new ones with Posca pens. I think using nice patterned papers is not worth it as you have less to doodle at this step.
I placed my composition, tracing a pattern. As I recently used round-shaped structures, I tried concentric squares. 
I painted it with a mix of burnt sienna & shiny copper.
I added stones cushions at the edges and did more doodling to hide my pattern-constructions marks.
 I choose a big piece of furniture and pasted it on a translucent paper so that one can still perceive the shapes underneath. 
Et voilà!

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