Monday, 8 June 2015

Chocolate Pasta

This week I have been trying out a pasta machine. I did simple tagliatelle, then my two favorites ravioli (prawn & chives, spinach & ricotta) and I am now going wild making chocolate pasta (I did not even now it existed before a colleague warmly recommended it to me!).

I am replacing 1/10th of the flour by 70% dark cocoa powder (10 grams cocoa for 90g flour). The dough has an homogenous nice dark chocolate color which does not alter while cooking. 
Because the recipe does not have any sugar in it and as the chocolate is dark (70%) the taste is of almost bitter chocolate, so in my opinion this calls for a sweet topping. 
Many recipes suggest to serve them with red berries and/or vanilla (ice) cream. I did not have any of those on hand so chose to topped the pasta with honey & ricotta instead.

It is my first time eating chocolate pasta and I was really happy with them (of course they are nice: there is chocolate!). 


  1. Warning: avec ce post, tu as gagné une fan (Daisy, il s'agit bien de toi !)... pâtes et chocolat, je n'y aurais jamais pensé !
    Et donc, tu manges ça en dessert ? C'est très très surprenant...

    1. Oui, je pensais que c'était une hérésie pour les italiens, mais pas du tout: c'est très commun là-bas! En dessert, oui (fruits rouges c'est parfait).