Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Spinach Pasta

Last test with the pasta machine: spinach pasta!

I used my TurboTup (from a Tupperware diner party) to mix 100g cooked spinach (just 1 min covered in microwave) with 1 whole egg.

I incorporated this liquid mixture into 200g flour 00.

The dough is not as green as I would have hoped (I guess it needs more processing for a solid green), and softer than normal pasta. I dusted it with semolina to be able to hand-cut folds into thick parpadelle.
I let cook for 1 min in salted water boiling actively.
Here they are, served with the leanest duck breast I have ever cooked (I guess they don't force-feed them around here).
I find the pasta has a nice spinach flavor and looks better than pasta and spinach (as it often makes small blobs at the bottom of the dish).

That's the end of my pasta-test and I have to admit that after five consecutive days of pasta I am a bit sick of it... Still, I am excited about ravioli-making and that may be a reason big enough for me to get a machine!


  1. En dehors des pâtes, ta machine me fait bien saliver... un laminoir de compétition !

    1. Oui elle est chouette: vu que les rouleaux sont sur un axe vertical, elle prend la pâte horizontalement directement depuis le plan de travail. Donc je n'ai pas besoin de la tenir: une main pour tourner la manivelle et une main pour récupérer la pâte à la sortie!