Monday, 22 June 2015

Louna's recipe for fluffy pancakes

We don't do pancakes in France, because we have nice crepes already. Now that I am living in the UK, I am still making French crepes, but also trying out the thick small spongy version of it - aka pancake. Most of the recipes use buttermilk, which implies some sort of planning as I don't routinely have that in my fridge. 
My sister recently revealed me that buttermilk could be swapped by yoghurt + milk and gave me an amazing recipe that cannot go wrong!  
The recipe is for 12 pancakes (4 hungry people).

Mix the liquid ingredients: 2 eggs with a total of 250g yoghurt + milk. In another bowl, mix the solid ingredients: 200 self-raising flour, salt and 50g sugar. Then mix solids and liquids, without insisting. Leave to rest for 15 minutes. The mix is thick and bubbly.

Cook for a couple of minutes until bubbles appear at the surface, then flip over. The pancakes raises immediately.

Check out how fluffy, light and airy they are!

They are perfect with the usual bacon and maple syrup...

...As well as with red fruits and chocolate sauce.

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