Thursday, 4 June 2015

Pasta machine?

I love pasta. They are cheap and easy to prepare, but I have heard many times that making your own is totally worth it. So before buying another kitchen gadget, we've borrowed one from colleagues for me to try!

The habit of passing the Fimo paste (polymer clay for jewelry) takes over and I am working the dough until it gets soft.
Then I go down the thickness and appreciate having a machine - that's an easy job compared to a rolling pin! 

It is so thin we can see my fingers through it!

I quickly learn that lightly flouring the cut pasta is not enough to prevent them to stick together!

Here is the result of the first test with tomato sauce

They are amazingly silky, soft and thin (I chose to make this first batch really thin). Taste-wise: no difference really, they are quite blank (did not blend in any seasoning). 
Overall I enjoyed the experience, all went really well and the process is surprisingly quick. I loved this silky texture and I look forward to try new shapes. I am thinking of trying thicker, ridged and ravioli. Any suggestion is welcome!!


  1. Those look mouth-watering! Moar! :)

  2. Alors, plus d'info sur les 'ridged' c'est possible ? je ne vois pas trop ni le rendu, ni l'accessoire.
    Et en passant : Mandy (Lady and pups) fait un ruban continu de pâte (en soudant les deux extrémités), afin de laminer le tout sans avoir à récupérer la pâte d'un côté et la repasser dans les rouleaux de l'autre. Tu as testé ?

    1. Haaa Mandy a toujours des idées de dingue! Je n'ai pas testé, non.
      Pour les 'ridged', c'est l'outil de coupe que tu positionne écarté, donc il imprime des marques sans couper.